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Oral Surgery/ Extractions



Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth that’s causing pain and problems gets removed from its place in the bone. When broken, damaged, or decayed teeth can’t be repaired with fillings or endodontic procedures, removing them may be the only option. Tooth extractions are also performed for a variety of other reasons. Examples include removal of baby teeth that don’t fall out in time, impacted wisdom teeth, and dental infections that prevent organ transplantation.

Simple tooth extractions occur when a tooth is visible in the mouth. In other words, the tooth has already erupted from the gumline. Simple tooth extractions require an instrument, usually forceps, to grasp the visible part of the tooth. The tooth is then wiggled back and forth until the gum ligament is broken, and the supporting alveolar bone is opened enough to allow the loosened tooth to come out. During a simple tooth extraction with forceps, we will apply slow, steady, and controlled force to extract the tooth.