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Preventative Dentistry


Interactive Patient Education System

It brings you the latest dental treatment information on the small screen right in your dentist's office. It allows you to watch a video on a TV or computer monitor to learn about your proposed treatment. More specific content related to your dental care is chosen by your dentist and can be viewed chairside. All you need to do is sit back, relax, watch and learn.

The main purpose of the Interactive Patient Education System is to :

All kinds of dental treatments will be covered, such as dental bridge, dental crown, and dentures along with services provided by a pediatric dentist, orthodontist, and cosmetic dentist. The videos usually explain why a certain type of dental procedure is needed, treatment options, what the treatment entails and self-help techniques for at-home care.

Visualize your Dental care

An interactive patient education system is no substitute for speaking with your dentist. But it gives you a chance to visualize what your dentist is describing. Not only will you be able to watch a video that explains and shows you the problem, but you'll also find out why it happened in the first place. Armed with this knowledge, you may feel comfortable enough to ask your dentist questions to make sure the recommended treatment is right for you.